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If you’ve been to a casino, a bar, an airport, or just in general not living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about slot machine games. Slot games are a staple of casino culture and crop up just about everywhere, offering free spins, prizes, huge jackpots, and more, so it is no wonder why slots are among the most popular casino games in the business.

Here at SuperSeven, we are committed to bringing the most entertaining and popular slot games to your online casino. Whether you are in the market to play for free or for want to win big at the real money slot machines, we offer it all here, available to play online with no download or deposit. But that’s not all! This guide is available to help you learn everything you need to know about slots, with explanations about the most widely used bonus rounds, special features, wild symbols, and many other traditional gameplay mechanics from the world of online Vegas slots. So read on to find out more, and play online slots here at the SuperSeven casino.

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History of Slot Machines

We’ve all seen the movies set in Vegas, with rows and rows of slot machines littering the casino floor, and someone’s arms are thrown into the air as lights on their machine flash up and shoot a ton of coins all over the place. While these Vegas slots may be what first comes to mind, the origins of the beloved casino slots actually came from New York.

In 1891, Sittman and Pitt of New York developed a gambling machine with 5 drums and 50 playing cards based on poker. Proving incredibly popular, bars all around New York began to get these machines.

However, Poker has a huge amount of winning combinations, so automating prizes was proving difficult. Some time in the late 19th century, a man named Charles Fey invented a machine with three spinning reels and five symbols, providing the precursor to the traditional 3 reel slot machine we know today.

Developed and used all across the United States, these so-called “Liberty Bell machines” (named as such due to one of the symbols is, well, a bell) eventually got to the point in 1963 where the rewards were able to be given out entirely automatically without an attendant present.

By 1976, the first video slots were in circulation, eventually finding huge popularity in Vegas. Obviously, with the invention of the internet, the slot genre has changed a great deal since then, as has the potential for big jackpot winnings. These days, since the turn of the century, online gaming has become increasingly prevalent, and many slots are widely played online rather than at a casino, especially as there are huge varieties of games to play at a moment’s notice. The slot machine is far from absolute. However, there are just more ways to enjoy the games these days than ever.

The amount of variety on offer in online slots these days is astounding, with popular themes such as the Wild West, the African Savanna, and traditional fruit machines all playing their part to offer fun spins for players.

It is evident just how much sway the age of the Internet and technology has had on the development of slot games, even as most games these days are available to play on mobile at just the click of a button. You don’t need to go to Vegas anymore to enjoy winning a jackpot when you can do it from your own front room!

How Do Online Slots Work?

When talking about online slots and slot machines in general, it is important to note that there are HUGE variations between each game these days. In this guide, we give you the basics of online slots, but it is worth keeping in mind that each game has its own unique “spin” on the genre, so make sure to know the individual rules before playing any online slot game.

The premise of most online slots is pretty simple. Enter a bet, press spin, and hopefully, the reels reward you by returning a multiplier of your original bet. Every slot tends to offer its own theme, with bonus rounds and free spins, a huge selling point for many to keep the player having fun, but more on those later.

Most online slots also offer the opportunity to play for free with no download to allow you to try the game first before investing any real money, giving you a better idea of if you want to play. Here at SuperSeven, we provide a wide range of free slots to be enjoyed at your leisure, so whether you wish to play slots for fun or invest real money for the chance at a payout, you’re in the right place.

Slot Gameplay Mechanics

Many of you may be familiar with some of the commonly found gameplay mechanics available in the online slot genre, but for those of you who are newer to casino slots, read this section to find out more about all the ways the online slot machines manage to keep you entertained and spinning.

The most common symbol you’re going to find across the online slots will probably be the wild symbol. Most games mix up what the symbol looks like, but for the most part, it acts the same way across every slot game. This symbol will act as a substitute for any other symbol on the reels to create winning paylines. Oftentimes, it also increases the multiplier, so the wild symbols really are the traditional bread and butter of special symbols featured in most online slots.

Many online casino games have wilds with additional functionality. Sticky Wilds are wild symbols that, once found, will stay on the board in subsequent spins. Shifting wilds act in much the same way but can transfer between reels for every spin. Expanding Wilds are exactly as they sound – when you land one, it expands throughout the reel, granting the potential for more winning paylines.

In truth, there are tons of variations of wilds out there. However, these are just some of the more common versions you’ll find throughout the world of casino slot games.

Scatters are also another common feature you’re going to run into while playing online slots. Typically, these symbols will hold the key to any bonus round or free spin mechanic that most slot machines tend to have these days. Collecting three of these across the board will turn your game from the base game to any bonus round or free spins offered and often change the game’s entire dynamic.

The true appeal of most slots online is the free spins and bonuses that are on offer. Each game loves to apply its own unique spin, but generally accompanied with big multipliers and various fun gameplay mechanics, these rounds are going to be the main objective you’ll want to play for and hold the key to many game’s big winnings. Some even allow you to bypass the entry requirement for these rounds and buy your way into them immediately, which is especially useful when playing free slots if you wish to take that route into them.

What Fun Gameplay Features Are Less Common?

There are tons of unique bonus rounds, special features, free spins, and gameplay mechanics that you’ll experience in your time with online slots. These mechanics tend to be related to a specific developer. For example, the xNudge feature is often associated with NoLimitCity slots. Most of these grant access to the game’s higher wins, and so, while they are available in the free online slots, real money players will want to keep their eyes out for many of these gameplay bonuses.

Megaways is one of the more popular gaming innovations found throughout online slot machines. Developers Big Time Gaming created the feature back in 2015, and with the release of Bonanza, this feature began appearing everywhere in the mainstream slot machine market. This mechanic changes the number of symbols on the board for each spin, creating literally thousands of different ways to win.

Splitz slots behave much like a Megaways game, but they have special symbols split into different individual symbols, creating different paylines and increasing the overall number across the board.

Nudging is another favorite amongst the online Vegas slots market, and it is when a game moves symbols across the reels mid-play. These tend to be special symbols, such as wilds, that are moved around the board to create different winning paylines and are found in reel slots instead of grid slots.

A gamble bonus is another feature you might find hidden amongst online slots. This option generally will trigger any win for games it’s present in and give you the chance to win or lose double your original return. This option is often given consecutively, so even small wins can skyrocket with this feature if your luck is in.

Again, with the huge number of slots that captivate the market these days, there is no end to the various unique mechanics you will stumble across. In essence, they offer unique experiences since many of the online casino slots would be very similar without these bonuses.

Slots Strategy

There is no discernible strategy that can guarantee you any return when you play slot games. There are, though, some strategies available to pursue. Our main strategies are as follows:

  • Keep an eye on your expenditure. Autoplay can leave players spinning without keeping an active count on their funds, and it’s important to know when to quit your losses.
  • Play for bonuses. Many games offer these bonuses not only as a way to keep people entertained but as a way to gatekeep the top winnings. Playing for these rounds ensures both fun and gains you access to these big bonus wins.
  • Find a game you enjoy. As previously mentioned, many slots use bonus features that may take a little bit of time to gain access to, and if you’re not enjoying the game, what’s the point? Find one of the many video slots and utilise the play for free function to find games online that you enjoy, and dedicate your time to those.

Key Terms In Online Slots

Many casino games come with specialized vocabulary, and slot games are no different. Included in this guide is a handy glossary so that you can understand anything these slot machine games throw your way.

  • RTP – Return to Player. The theoretical percentage of money invested in this slot returned to the players.
  • Volatility: How often a slot returns a win. Highly volatile games tend to return higher winnings but less frequently, and vice versa for lower volatility games.
  • Autoplay: A feature prevalent in most games. Input a number, and the game will spin for you until this number, or various other parameters, are reached.
  • Demo Play – Playing the game for free. The casino gives you an amount of free currency to spin to your heart’s content – it’s a great opportunity to try free slots before deciding whether to play for real money.

The Big Money Question – How Do Jackpots Work?

Casinos everywhere love to advertise a good jackpot. They are the Holy Grail of Vegas and offer huge winnings for any punter lucky enough to get access to the higher-tier payouts. They also play a huge role in online casinos and video slots, offering an alternative reason to play even if you find a game lacking in other aspects.

Generally, jackpots will be the highest paying reward that a slot game offers. They can be astronomically big – indeed, the record for the highest jackpot amount for an online slot is currently held by Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, with one lucky customer winning a massive €17,879,645.12 in 2018.

Are There Different Types of Jackpot?

Yes. There are two main types of jackpot that you’ll find among online casino slots: progressive and fixed. Fixed is, as it might sound, the same every time it is won. This means that, whether there are 7 or 700 players that win in a day, the jackpot amount will remain the same to each person. Fixed jackpots don’t tend to have the same payout potential as progressive jackpots, but a jackpot is a jackpot! Besides, a slot machine with a fixed jackpot is generally accompanied by a higher likelihood to land than one of its progressive counterparts.

Progressive jackpots offer a way to win your invested funds back. With every spin you take on a progressive jackpot slot, a portion of the stake is withdrawn and entered into a jackpot prize pool. Whoever wins the next jackpot is paid whatever the base payout is, plus the accrued funds back from the pot, allowing for the potential of absolutely massive wins, and really is a big selling point to play online slots.

Picking a type of jackpot to play is completely down to personal preference. Each type has its own bonuses, and choosing which payout to dedicate your spins to has never been easier than at the SuperSeven games library.

Should I Play For Free Or Real Money?

Well, stating the obvious, playing free online slots requires no monetary input from the player. This mode is designed for those that want to play any of our free slots first before you invest for a chance to win real money or for those players who prefer to enjoy free spins and the experience of Vegas slots without the added adrenaline. Casino slots often have many unique gaming mechanics that can take a good amount of playtime to understand fully, so demo mode is a great way to develop your understanding.

The benefits of playing with real money are primarily the ability to access the top payouts across all slots. You’ll never truly get the Vegas feel without the possibility of a payout behind every spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are slots available to enjoy for free online?

Most slot machine games are available in two versions: for free with demo mode or for real money funds at the online casinos.

How many types of slot games are there?

Reel slots and grid slots are the two main categories and are played on reels or a grid, respectively, as their names suggest. The amount of choice you have when it comes to playing online video slots is immense, and while the exact number of variants is impossible to count, browse the casino games library for long enough. You’re sure to find a casino slot that suits your playstyle.

Are slots illegal in my country?

Laws and regulations change from country to country, but one thing that remains the same is that playing free casino games is excellent wherever you are. Provided you are not playing for real money and are of legal age, you can have access to casino slots wherever you are, so you will always be able to enjoy our free games online.

What are the most popular slots?

If you need some pointers for which slots to start your journey on, you’ve come to the right place. 5 of the more popular slots are 9 Masks on Fire, Mega Moolah, Book of Dead, Reactoonz 2, and Sakura Fortune. These free slots are just a few examples of the more popular on the market and are offered at online casinos everywhere.

What else do I need to know before I start spinning?

Nothing! Go out there, enjoy our free online slots and find a brand new favorite slot game. Slot machines and casino games have never been more easily accessible, and with all your newly found knowledge, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Go to to get more information.